AIM: to describe the changes in  colorectal cancer services in the UK and USA in response to a COVID-19 pandemic and to understand the long-term impact. 

Phase 1 – National Colorectal Cancer Service Modification Survey 

Primary Objective:

  1. Evaluate adherences and deviations from best practice guidelines on colorectal cancer during COVID-19 pandemic

Secondary Objectives: 

  1. Describe modifications to screening process for CRC
  2. Describe modifications to pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative CRC service delivery
  3. Demonstrate global effect of COVID-19 pandemic on CRC service provision irrespective of the type of healthcare system 
  4. Outline consensus recommendations for sustainable modifications to CRC services 

Phase 2 – Evaluation of the Colorectal Cancer Service Provision

Primary objective: 

  1. Determine the impact of CRC service provision following modifications on long-term cancer specific outcomes compared to national standards

Secondary Objectives: 

  1. Predict the impact of modifications on the incidence and prevalence of different CRC stages in 12 months 
  2. Plan adjustments to CRC service provision after the end of pandemic

Phase 3 – Cost Analysis and Projections of Additional Resources

Primary Objective:

  1. Predict the costs attributable to modifications of CRC services during COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Predict additional resources required to treat patients whose treatment has been affected by COVID-19

Phase 4 – Comparison of the NHS and the USA Model of Healthcare 

Primary Objective:

  1. Compare the impact of COVID-19 on the NHS and USA model of healthcare in terms of service provision and cost 
  2. Propose a standardised model of delivering colorectal cancer services for future outbreaks