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Evaluating Colorectal Cancer services during the COVID-19 pandemic

Endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons COVID Research Group and RM Partners West London Cancer Alliance 


We are facing increasing demand for hospital services during the COVID 19 pandemic. There is a need to understand how well we are maintaining standards of care for our colorectal cancer patients whilst keeping staff and patients safe.

Designed to capture live and evolving data on the modifications in cancer services internationally, we hope to measure the possible burden of any delayed diagnosis and treatment and predict what resources we will need to deliver colorectal cancer care as the crisis unfolds.

CRC COVID is a collaborative research team from Imperial College and Johns Hopkins, combining colorectal experience with business school expertise.

We have a unique opportunity to learn from different healthcare models and inform colorectal cancer units on how to best deliver services both during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

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We are inviting colorectal units across the UK and in the United States to collaborate with this project

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